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Photo of the Wooden Shoe Restaurant. Photos of Couple married at the Wooden Shoe.

BS564-Outside View_No Date_155.jpg
Photograph of Wooden Shoe Restaurant located at 241 E. Main Street. Merged with Greider's Café in 1962. Photographs of couple being married at the Wooden Shoe.

Photo of the Whistle Lunch Car

BS346-Whistle_Lunch_Car_100 E ELDORADO_1928.jpg
Photograph of Whistle Lunch Car, located in a railroad car. Owner George Calfas, 100 Block E. Eldorado, ran in the Review 2/25/1928.

Photo of the Lighthouse Restaurant, Motel and Gas Station.

Photograph of the Lighthouse Restaurant, motel and gas station located at 1675 S. Franklin Street, Decatur, IL.

Photo of the Jack Robinson Restaurant

BS336-Jack_Robinson_615 E Wood.jpg
Photograph of the Jack Robinson System Restaurant located at 615 E. Wood St., Decatur, IL. Hamburgers for 5 cents.

Photo of Grove's Restaurant Building

Photograph of Grove's Restaurant Building with the gas pumps in front, located on Pershing Road and Rt. 51.

Photo of the Coliseum Restaurant

BS800-Coliseum Tavern_Former Fair Grounds_Built 1923.jpg
Photograph of the Coliseum Restaurant built in 1923, burned in 1925, rebuilt, and burned again in 1933. Shown in the photo is a view of the Coliseum, formerly the property of the Macon County Fair Association but more recently a beer tavern and dance…

Photo of Al and Jimmy's Tavern

BS563-Outside View_Wood St at Jasper_No Date_157.jpg
Photograph of Al and Jimmy's Tavern located on the corner of Wood Street and Jasper Street, Decatur, IL.

Photo of Hue Singleton Restaurant

Photographs of Hue Singleton's Restaurant located on the Northwest side of the Lincoln Square. "Negro restaurant operator in Decatur many years."