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Photo of Albert D. Green in uniform in front of plane

AF294-WWII_GREEN, ALBERT D, 11-28-1943.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Photo of Green, Albert D. Article with photo: "This is to advise that Cadet Albert D. Green a member of the class of 43-A, who is now enrolled as an Aviation Cadet in the Air corps Basic Flying School, located at Gardner…

Photo of Milton C. Green in flight uniform

AF295-WWII_GREEN, MILTON C, 2-15-1943.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Photo of Green, Milton C. Article on back of photo: "Milton C. Green, brother of J. R. Green, 865 West Waggoner street, has just completed the army's primary flight training course at Thunderbird Field, Glendale, Ariz. He…

Photo of Lt. Paul V. Greenfield with four other men looking at charts

Herald and Review Library: Photo of Greenfield, Lt. Paul V. and four men going over weather charts. Article on back of photo: "Second Lt. Paul v. Greenfield, son of Dr. and Mrs. R. E. Greenfield of 288 South Westlawn avenue (left, rear) instructs his…

Photo of Lt. Paul R. Tolly in uniform

AF723-WWII_TOLLY, PAUL R, 3-16-1944.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Tolly, Lt. Paul R., Article on back of photo; "Graduates as Pilot; Lieut. Paul R. Tolly, son of Mrs. Vera M. tolly of 1312 North Edward street, hats been graduated from the army air forces pilot school at George Field, Ill.…

Photo of S/Sgt. Albert R. Tolle in flight gear standing in front of air plane propeller

AF724-WWII_TOOLE, ALBERT R, 1-15-1945.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Toole, S/Sgt. Albert R., son of Mrs. Pearl Tolle, 258 E. Division, wife Mollie. S/Sgt. Tolle received gunnery wings at Laredo, Texas.

Photo of Haywood O. Wylie in flight suit holding gun

AF821-WWII_WYLIE, HAYWOOD, 10-12-1942.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Wylie, Haywood, son of J. C. Wylie, Decatur, IL. Trained at Harlingen Gunner School, Harlingen, Texas. Obit: "Decatur Man Dies in Crash; Staff Sgt. Heywood O. Wylie, 27, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe C. Wylie, 2650 North Jasper…

Photo of Stanley E. Smith in uniform with sign "395, 43-F"

AF658-WWII_SMITH, STANLEY E, 6-26-1943.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Smith, Stanley E., Decatur, IL. graduate from Texas training camp.

Photo of William Franklin Wikoff in uniform with name and serial number

Herald and Review Library: Wikoff, William Franklin; Article on back of photo; "Wikoff Graduates; William Franklin Wikoff, son of Mr. and Mrs. James O. Widoff, Maroa, received his silver pilot's wings and was graduated as a flight officer at the…

Photo or S/Sgt. Harry Musselman sitting at his desk

AF558-WWII_MUSSELMAN, HARRY W, 8-18-1944.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Musselman, S/Sgt. Harry W., Article on back of photo; "Message Clerk, Staff Sgt. Harry W. Musselman, 1520 East Grand avenue, is chief message clerk with a signal company of the 13th AAF service command in the South Pacific…

Photo of Lt. Harold J. Cozad in uniform
WWII - Herald and Review Library; Cozad, Lt. Harold J., 9/12/1944. Article on back of photo: "Lt. Harold J. Cozad; Harold J. cozad, whose wife, Mrs. Mary Jean Cozad, lives at 2104 E. Clay St. has been graduated from the officer candidate school of…