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Off for a Spin

Photograph of Mabel and Viv in an automobile. The photo is labeled "Off for a Spin".

Martin Lindsay and Billy Pryor

Photograph of Martin Lindsay and Billy Pryor working on an automobile engine.

Standing In Front of the Automobile

Photograph of Mabel and Gene with some unknown people standing in front of an automobile in Fowler, CO in 1922.

Hy Brown Erickson in Los Angeles, CA

Photograph of Hy Brown Erickson next to an automobile in Los Angeles, CA.

Driving in Colorado

Photograph of a group of unknown people sitting in an automobile in Colorado in 1922.

Louise Mason Anderson

Photograph of Louise Mason Anderson standing outside with an automobile in the background.

Carl and I

Photograph of Carl and an unknown woman standing in a parking lot next to a car with California plates in 1939.

William, Augusta, and an unknown woman Beside a Car at the Doheney Palisades Near the Capistrano Beach

Photograph of William Besalke, Augusta Besalke, and an unknown woman beside an automobile at the Doheney Palisades near the Capistrano Beach in California in June 1939.