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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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Photo of Staley Bridge

Photograph of the Staley Bridge North of the Clubhouse site looking toward Nelson Park. Photo taken July 1922.

Cowford Bridge

Photograph of Cowford Bridge, now cleared away for Decatur Lake, before 1922.

William J. Nees

BIO287-NEES_WILLIAM_J, C1922.jpg
Photograph of William J. Nees sitting at the organ console. William J. Neese did his part in the celebration last week of the 65th anniversary of Father Jeremiah Murphy's entry into the priesthood, in his usual modest, characteristic manner. He…

Leonard F. Kinister

Photograph of Leonard F. Kinister. He was originally from Grand Rapids, MI, and in 1918, was appointed scout executive of the Decatur Boy Scouts Council. He resigned from that post in 1923. He was the secretary, treasurer, and general manager of…

Charles P. Guest

Photograph of Charles P. Guest (d. 5/13/1945). He was the superintendent of the Macon County federal surplus food depot for 5 years. He came to Decatur in 1917. Guest worked for the Capitol Grocery Co. of Springfield and the Decatur Grocery Co. …

George I. Fulk

BIO145-FULK_GEORGE_I, 4-6-1907.jpg
Photograph of George I. Fulk, formerly of Bethany, IL. Fulk was a lawyer by trade, but also the Macon County Chairman of the 1951 Crusade for Freedom, a delegate to the international peace conference at the Hague in 1907 under President Theodore…

George W. Davidson

BIO98-DAVIDSON_GEORGE_W, 1-3-1922087.jpg
Photograph of George W. Davidson (d. 1/3/1922). He was a sewing machine and piano salesman in Decatur for 43 years. His sales room was at 215 N. Main St. The photo ran in the Decatur Herald or Daily Review on January 3, 1922.

A. Merle Cobb

BIO82-COBB_A_MERLE, C 1922070.jpg
Photograph of A. Merle Cobb (b. 3/24/1881, d. 12/10/1942). He was the son of Rev. A.P. Cobb (Cobb Ave. is named after him). Cobb was associated with Mueller Co. and Cobb-Creighton Insurance Co., and a member of Central Christian Church.

Driving in Colorado

Photograph of a group of unknown people sitting in an automobile in Colorado in 1922.