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Annual Report of the Board of Trustees - 1993/1994

This is the annual report of the board of trustees to the city council 1994. In this report the board states information on monies received, expenditures, operating fund, trust funds, library capital fund, books and materials available and…

Booth and Little Letter - January 18, 1994

This is a letter from the library's lawyer, Edward Booth explaining the policy for public comments at Library Board Meetings.

Carl R. Dick Jr.'s Resignation Letter - November 2, 1972

This is Carl R. Dick Jr.'s resignation letter from the Board. Dick resigned because he was moving away from Macon County and could no longer serve on the Library Board.

ILDA Letter - March 17, 1977

This is a letter from Carol Batterham, Secretary of the Board, to Jean Downs about supporting ILDA legislation.

City Librarian's Monthly Report - April 1994

This is the April monthly report by the city librarian. In this report the city Librarian discusses volunteers, staff changes, community involvement, library legislative day, circulation stats, attendance, technical division, GEAC acquisitions,…

City Librarian's Monthly Report - August 1994

This is the August monthly report by the city librarian. In this report John Moorman discusses negotiating team, contract, book consideration, Penguin Book of Lesbian Short Stories, Summer Reading Program, community partnership, voice mail, phone…

Reappointment Resolution - August 30, 1971

This is the resolution to reappoint Carl Dick and William Whitacre to the Library Board, Donald Graham to the Zoning Board of Appeals, and Lew Lawler to the Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refridgeration Commission.