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Minutes of the Board of Directors meeting - December 1994

These are the minutes of the Decatur Board of Directors meeting in December 1994. At this meeting the board discussed city librarian's report, committee reports, RPLS, Friends, Foundation, long range plans, review of final LRP document, FRED, and…

Decatur Public Library Security Policy

This is the security policy for the Decatur Public Library, regulation and rules regarding how to deal with the following: basic conduct, distribution of leaflets, animals, shoes and shirt, sleeping in the library, personal belongings, steps to take…

Material Selection and Collection Development Policy December 1994

This is the material selection and collection development policy for Decatur Public Library. Requirements are mission of library, community, clientele, selection criteria, evaluation criteria, gifts, withdrawals, requests, reconsiderations, and…

Library Bill of Rights - December 1994

This is the Library Bill of Rights sponsored by the American Library Association, December 1994

Freedom to Read Statement - December 1994

This is a joint statement by the American Library Association and the American Association of Publishers on the Freedom to Read. Dated December 1994

Statistical Reports - Monthly - 1994

These are the statistical reports for 1994. All monthly are included. They show technical services, personnel, circulation stats, locations, departments, genre, computer down time, registered patrons, volunteers, books added, books withdrawn, books…

City Librarian's Monthly Report - December 1994

This is the December monthly report by the city librarian, John Moorman. In this report he discusses LIBS 100+, system upgrade, GEAC, information network, Info Trac, Health Reference Center, library tours, family reading night, head start, jump start…

Pianka Letter - December 24, 1994

This is a thank you letter from Phyllis Taylor Pianka on the reception she received from her book talk at the Decatur Public Library.