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2 Women and 3 Children
Photograph of 2 unknown women with 3 unknown children by a fence.

3 Unknown Women
Photograph of 3 unknown women standing in a garden

3 Women and a Piano
Negative of 3 unknown women sitting inside the clubhouse with a piano nearby on June 4, 1941.

Adkins Family in Front of the House
Photograph of the Adkins family standing outside of a house in Decatur, IL

Aunt Minnie and Grandma Frienech
Photograph of Aunt Minnie, Grandma Frienech, two unknown women.

Besalke Family
Postcard of unknown members of the Besalke family sitting in the parlor.

Besalke Women Standing in the Yard
Photograph of 3 women and a little girl from the Besalke family standing in a yard.