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House with person in the garden - c, 1920 - no location

HH48-House and person in garden ,no date356.jpg
This is a photograph of a person in a garden by a house c. 1920. There is no location.

Exotic Garden

This is a glass negative of an exotic garden in Europe or the Middle East. The photo was taken by Charles Wasson of International Stereograph Co. in Decatur, IL around 1900.

Unknown Man Sitting in a Garden

Photograph of an unknown man sitting in a garden

3 Unknown Women

Photograph of 3 unknown women standing in a garden

Augusta Strocher and her husband

Photograph of Augusta Strocher and Mr. Strocher standing in a garden.
Back of the photo says: "Please return to J.J. Moran and Sons."

Flowers in the Garden #6

Photograph of flowers in a garden in front of a garage on June 2, 1949.