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These are the glass negatives of cattle at a fair. The photos were taken by Charles Wasson of Wasson Studios in Decatur, IL in the early 1900s.

Kizer Family
Photograph of the Kizer family in a yard with a house in the background. The photo was used in the Decatur Herald or Daily Review.

Kellington Family
Photograph of the Kellington group (family) in the front yard of a house. The photo was used in the Decatur Herald or Daily Review.

J.A. Fisher and Family
Photograph of J.A. Fisher and family. The group is standing in front of a house in Decatur, IL

F.W. Dudley With Unknown Men
Photograph of F.W. Dudley with 3 unknown men. Dudley was the State President of the Travelers' Protective Association in 1913. He owned a home at 245 E. Leafland. Dudley is second from the left in the photo. The photograph was taken by E.E.…

Fred Parwolski Wields Machetes in Front of His Meat Packing Store (Boltz Family #7)
Photograph of Fred Parwolski holding machetes outside of his meat packing store in Decatur IL. There are also 3 unknown men in the photo. The photo was taken sometime between 1903 and 1909

A Visit from President Taft
Photograph of President Howard Taft with Charles Adkins (4th from left) and several unknown men in front of a train car in Decatur, IL. This photo was found with the Adkins family photographs. Charles Adkins was Speaker of the House of Illinois.

Adkins Family in Front of the House
Photograph of the Adkins family standing outside of a house in Decatur, IL

Christmas Dinner
Photograph of the Adkins family having Christmas Dinner.