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William Niedermeyer

Photograph of William Niedermeyer; (died 9/25/1914). Decatur grocer for many years. He conducted his grocery store in the rear of his home at 646 W. North from about 1893 until he sold out in 1913. He was prominent in Macon Co. Old Settlers' Ass'n…

Jerry P. Nicholson

BIO290-NICHOLSON_JERRY, 3-9-1914.jpg
Photograph of Jerry P. Nicholson; (died Feb 25, 1917). He was first elected Macon County Sheriff in 1894. From 1906 to 1910 he served as a deputy. In 1910 he was again elected sheriff. After his first term as sheriff expires he was street…

Henry C. Mowry

Photograph of Henry C. Mowry; (died in 1908). Prominent grain dealer of Forsyth, Illinois. In 1867 he bought an elevator in Forsyth. About 1895 he sold out to J. B. Good and later Good sold to the Shellabarger Elevator Co. Photo by VanDeventer of…

Clyde Milton

Photograph of Clyde Milton, foundling sitting on a chair. Photo by Wasson Studios of Decatur, IL.

Ralph G. Mills

BIO273-MILLS_RALPH_G, 6-14-1938.jpg
Photograph of Ralph G. Mills (died 10/17/1944) Decatur allergist, opened offices in the Standard Office Building in 1938. Photo ran 9/4/1938 in the Decatur Herald or Review, Decatur, IL.

Luther F. Martin

Photograph of Luther F. Martin (died June 5, 1947). Former chairman of the board of directors of the Citizens National Bank. He was associated with the firm of Bachman Bros. and Martin furniture business for many years. He moved to California in…

Julius Maienthal

Photograph of Julius Maienthal (died Jan 18, 1944). Former Decatur clothing merchant. The Maienthal Bros. store was located at 100 East Prairie, now occupied by Pfile's Camera Shop. With his brother, Millard, he opened a store on N. Main in 1897.…

James C. Lyons

Photograph of James C. Lyons (died April 15, 1942). Real estate dealer and insurance salesman of Decatur. He came to Decatur in 1890 and was employed by Linn and Scruggs Co. for 8 years. About 1905 he entered the real estate and insurance business.…

Charles H. Logan, Sr.

Photograph of Charles H. Logan, Sr., born March 6, 1877: Died November 3, 1950. Entire business life spent with Decatur Coffin Co. until it dissolved in 1943. President 1927-1943. President of Casket Manufacturers Association of America and a…