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Technical Services Activities - 1972/1973

This is a spreadsheet of activities of the Technical Services in the fiscal year 1972/1973.

City Librarian's Annual Report - 1972/1973

This is the annual report for 1972/1973 by City Librarian, Robert Dumas. In this report, he discusses the closing of the Evans Branch, the need for a new Children's Librarian, the backlog work in Technical Services, the young adult patron policy,…

Annual Report Letter to the Mayor and City Council - May 15, 1973

This is the letter from the Board of Directors to the Mayor and City Council about the annual report for 1972/1973.

Technical Services Activities by Months - 1971/1972

This is a spreadsheet showing the activity of the Technical Services Department in the fiscal year of 1971/1972.

Robert L. Schuerman's Resolution - November 17, 1972

This is the resolution acknowledging the service Robert L. Schuerman did for the Library as a Board member and President of the Board.