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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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Personnel Policy and Public Relations Committee meeting December 2009

This is the December 2009 meeting of the Personnel Policy and Public Relations committee. Members discussed and reviewed bylaws, revised interlibrary loan policy and procedures for out of state loans, close session, employment issues.

Duties, Responsibilities, and By-Laws of the Decatur Public Library Board of Trustees

These are the duties, responsibilities, and by=laws of the board of trustees July 1995, Included duties and responsibilities, by-laws, authority, library board, annual meeting.

Board of Directors Meeting - July 1995

These are the minutes of the board of trustees meeting in July 1995. At this meeting the members discussed the city librarians report, air conditioning, Personnel Policy and Public Relations, personnel upgrades, pre-employment drug testing, by-laws,…

Library Foundation Establishment Memo December 4, 1989

This is the memo describing the establishment of the Decatur Public Library Foundation on Decmeber 4, 1989. This memo list the order of events leading up to the beginning of the foundation including founding events, articles of incorporation, filing…

Board of Directors Meeting - November 15, 1974

This is the minutes and agenda for the meeting of the Board of Directors on November 15, 1974. At this meeting, the Board discussed the by-laws, library policy schedule, the visit of the Public Affairs Committee to the North St. Building, the…

Board of Directors Meeting August 1985

This is the agenda and minutes from the Board of Directors meeting in August 1985. At this meeting the Board discussed committee reports, per capita grant, by-laws, policy code, circ stats, expenditures, computer difficulties, tax levy, formation of…