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Photos of Rev. William J. Davidson

Photograph of Dr. William J. Davidson, retired Methodist minister. Was minister at the Decatur First Methodist Church from 1902-1907 during which time the church at the corner of Church and North streets was built. He was also president of Nebraska…

Photos of People attending church on Easter at First United Methodist.

Photograph of church members leaving First Methodist Church on Easter morning. "Gay, flowered hats partially relieved the monotony of heavy suits worn by the Easter parade crowd which left First Methodist church March 31, 1907. Despite the fact that…

Photos First Methodist Episcopal Church, 201 W. North Street, Decatur, IL.

Photograph postcard of First Methodist Episcopal Church, Decatur, IL. written 6/2/1909. (It is now the First United Methodist Church, still located at 201 W. North Street.)Photograph of Rev. John C. Willits, former pastor of the First Methodist…