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Photos of the Kraft Hotel

Photograph of the Kraft Hotel built in 1908, photo taken about that time. Photograph of the Kraft Hotel, 561-563 Front Street, Decatur, IL. photo taken in 1940's.

Photos of Faries Manufacturing Co. Building and Water Tower.

Photograph of Faries Mfg. Co. Photo ran 12/31/1909. Factory was located at 1036 E. Grand. Photograph of Faries Manufacturing Co. 1036 E. Grand. Photograph of the Water Tank Faries Mfg. Co. Photo ran Review 1/8/1911, factory located 1036 E. Grand.

Photos of Decatur Lumber Co.

Photograph of the Decatur Lumber Co. --Lumber Shed. Photo ran in the Review Dec 31, 1909. Lumber Co. located at 666 N. Water at Wabash Street. Photo of Decatur Lumber and Manufacturing co. --Machine Room. This factory, located at 666 N. Water, is the…

Photos of Frank M. Pratt and Pratt Cereal Mill

Photograph of Frank M. Pratt, Pratt Cereal Mill. Photo BS221: of A. E. Staley Mfg. Co. Buildings. Photo made about 1901 when it was the Pratt Cereal Mill, which was purchased by A. E. Staley in 1909. Photo BS222: Pratt Cereal Mill. The Pratt Cereal…

Photos of Decatur Cereal Mill Co.

Photograph BS92: of Decatur Cereal Co. Photo unused 12/18/1907. Located corner West Eldorado and Van Dyke Streets. Destroyed by fire in 1909. Photo: BS91 Decatur Cereal Co. Office corner W. Eldorado and Van Dyke. Photo BS93: Decatur Cereal Mill,…

Photos of Citizens National Bank and Parking Garage.

BS292-Citizens Nat'l Bank_Early Const_ca1909.jpg
Photograph of early construction of the Citizens National Bank, 1909. Photo of the Citizens Parking Garage.

Photo of C. F. Sterr Building 535 N. Morgain St.

Photograph of the C. F. Sterr Building 535 N. Morgain St., Decatur, IL. Photo ran in the Review, Dec 31, 1909.

Photo of Seip Building, 439 E. North St., Decatur, IL.

Photograph of the Seip Building, 439 E. North Street, Decatur, IL. Photo by Geo Baker, taken Spring of 1909.

Photo of Home Manufacturing Co.

Photograph of the Home Manufacturing Co. on 901 E. Eldorado St. and in 1955 that address was the home of Sol Tick & Co. Photo taken sometime in the spring of 1909. Photo by George Baker of Decatur.

Rucker-Horton Family Reunion

BIO337-RUCKER_HORTON_FAMILY, 8-22-1909.jpg
Photograph of the Rucker-Horton Family Reunion held in 1909. Ran in the Review 8/22/1909.