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Dennis School building site.
Dennis School, City of Decatur. "Decatur, City of--schools--Dennis--Building site. When the newest section of Dennis School goes on public display at the Parent-Teacher Association open house tomorrow evening, many old time resident's of the area…

Photograph of Harold A. Cole
Photograph of Harold A. Cole. Cole became piano and pipe organ instructor at Millikin University in September of 1909. He was a graduate of New England Conservatory of Music in Boston.

Photograph of the Dennis School Building Site
Photograph of the Dennis School building site taken in 1909 shortly before the school was built. This house once stood where the Dennis building now stands and this area used to be on the very edge of town, practically in the woods. Land on which the…

Photograph of a High Jump
Photograph at an unknown location of a man doing a high jump taken on May 22nd, 1909.

Photo of Paving Machine on East Hickory Street.
Photograph of Paving Equipment on East Hickory Street at Warren. "Paving work halted in late December, 1909 when snow blanketed East Hickory Street at Warren Street. Travel on the frozen ground in winter in those days was much better than the…

Photographs of the Illinois Traction System Shops Building Exterior
Photographs of the exterior of the Illinois Traction System shops in Decatur IL taken in 1909 and 1910. The shops were located at 1800 E. Garfield Ave. and were purchased by Parke Properties, Inc. in January of 1956 to be used as a warehouse.