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Photograph of 1310 W. Wood St.

Photograph of 1310 W. Wood St. This house was built in 1908 by Dr. A.R. Taylor, former president of Millikin University. In 1913 it was sold to the Kappa Delta Chi fraternity and later occupied by Sigma Alpha Epsilon when the two fraternities merged.…

Photograph of the Parlor of Mr. and Mrs. Stafford

HO138-888 W NORTH ST, STAFFORD HOME, C1890s.jpg
Photograph of the parlor room in Mr. and Mrs. Stafford home located at 888 W. North St. This is similar to what parlors looked like around the year 1908. The heavy drapery was popular in its day, but one unusual thing about this room is the planter…

Photo of House on 117 N. Monroe Street

Photograph of House on 117 N. Monroe Street, Decatur, IL. Built and designed by Mrs. Julius G. Badenhausen in 1905. It was then known as the Badenhausen Flats. It was sold to Mrs. O. t. Eddy in 1908. In 1954 it was known as the Monroe Apartments.…

Photograph of 1295 W. Main St.

Photograph of 1295 W. Main St. This house was built by Honore M. Owen in 1908 and 1909. It was willed to his son Honore M., Jr. in 1950. The 1954 city directory lists Robert H. Morris as living there.

Photograph of 990 W. King

HO112-990_W_KING_ST, JOSEPH_TOLLADAY_HSE, 7-26-1908.jpg
Photograph of 990 W. King. This house was built in 1907 and 1908 by Joseph Tolladay who was a bricklayer. His widow lived there until 1941. In 1942 it was listed as being owned by Jacob Noble who still owned it in 1954.

Photographs of Fire Department Steamer

FD7-STEAMER, 8-22-1909.jpg
Photographs of the Fire Departments steamer, taken around the time of the Morehouse & Wells fire on August 22, 1909. One photograph taken on East Main St. The arrival of fire equipment on the square often brought crowds of curious onlookers.

Photos First Methodist Episcopal Church, 201 W. North Street, Decatur, IL.

Photograph postcard of First Methodist Episcopal Church, Decatur, IL. written 6/2/1909. (It is now the First United Methodist Church, still located at 201 W. North Street.)Photograph of Rev. John C. Willits, former pastor of the First Methodist…

Photo of Hinman Knitting Factory

Photograph of the Hinman Knitting Factory --1908. Interior shot of the knitting machines. Photo ran Review Dec 31, 1908. This factory was located at 601 N. Church St., Decatur, IL.