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Photos of East Main Street, Decatur, IL.

Photograph of people and dog, 200 Block E. Main St. at Water St. The Millikin Bank is the building in the foreground, photo ran Review 4/3/1910. Photos of 432 E. Main St. taken in 1943 and 1934. Photos of Ford Garage E. Main and Franklin, taken 1927.…

Photos of East Main Street, Decatur, IL.

ST12-E_MAIN_ST, 5-13-1910023.jpg
Photograph of the 100 Block East Main Street, looking east from the Transfer House. Photo taken 5/13/1910 during a Beaumanoir Commandery parade. Photograph 100 Block East Main Street with buses, street car and people. Photo taken by Lindquist &…

Photos of East Leafland taken in 1910 and 1971.

ST11-E_LEAFLAND, C1910_ PAVING020.jpg
Photograph of city paving East Leafland in 1910. "In 1910 East Leafland Street from Broadway came out of the mud with concrete curbing and brick pavement. In those days work moved slowly with men and horses providing most of the power. Photo used…

Photograph of Man on Bicycle

Photograph of a man on a popular style of bicycle from 1890, the photograph was taken on July 24th, 1910.

Photos of W. Decatur Street during 1910 and 1911.

Photograph of W. Decatur Street near Fairview Ave. "Very little mechanical equipment was in use in 1911 when West Decatur Street near Fairview Avenue was paved with brick. Decatur's first hard-surface street was laid in 1884 when brick with sand…

Photo of East Decatur Street From Broadway Looking East and photos of Decatur Street looking west from Jackson. Aerial view of streets surrounding E. Decatur Street.

Photograph of East Decatur Street from Broadway Looking East, brick paved with a boulevard. Photos of E. Decatur Street west from Jackson Street, photo ran Review, 11/27/1910. Aerial view of Decatur Streets taken 4/23/1961.

Photographs of the Illinois Traction System Shops Building Exterior

Photographs of the exterior of the Illinois Traction System shops in Decatur IL taken in 1909 and 1910. The shops were located at 1800 E. Garfield Ave. and were purchased by Parke Properties, Inc. in January of 1956 to be used as a warehouse.

Photograph of the Illinois Traction System at Van Dyke Street

Photographs of the Illinois Traction System at Van Dyke looking North, taken in November of 1910.

Photograph of the Illinois Central R. R. Roundhouse and Yards

RR3-ILLINOIS CENTRAL RR YARD, 5-17-1910022.jpg
Photograph of the Illinois Central R. R. roundhouse and yards in Clinton IL, taken on May 17, 1910.