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Photographs of 505 Powers Lane

HO281-Ewing House_1914_082.jpg
Photograph of the Ewing House and 505 Powers Lane built in 1910 and 1911 by Charles A. Ewing and designed by Frederick Perkins. Ewing's wife, Idelle K., lived there in 1954.

Photograph of No. 3 Millikin Place

HO31-N0 3 MILLIKIN PLACE, 7-7-1914.jpg
Photograph of No. 3 Millikin Place. This house was built by W.J. Grady in 1909 and 1910.

Photograph of No. 2 Millikin Place

Photograph of No. 2 Millikin Place. This house was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and built in 1910 for wealthy industrialist Edward P. Irving.

Photo of House on 448 N. Franklin Street.

HO51-448_N_FRANKLIN_ST, D_S_SHELLABARGER_HSE, 11-27-1910.jpg
Photograph of Houses on 448 N. Franklin Street. "Built by D. S. Shellabarger in 1879. The present high school building was started in 1910. In September, 1909, the Shellabarger house and grounds was purchased by the Decatur board of education and…

Photographs of the Powers-Jarvis Mansion

Photographs of the Powers-Jarvis Mansion at 357 W. Decatur St. The house was built in 1910 by Charles G. Powers. John F. Wieser acquired the house in 1933 when it got involved in Florida land investments and was foreclosed. J.P. Gobberdiel bought it…

Photographs from the Millikin-McRoberts Building Fire

Photographs from the February 24, 1910 fire at the Millikin-McRoberts Building located at N. Franklin. The origin of the fire seemed to be near the elevator shaft, but the exact cause of the fire was unknown. The estimated loss of the building was…

Photos of People attending church on Easter at First United Methodist.

Photograph of church members leaving First Methodist Church on Easter morning. "Gay, flowered hats partially relieved the monotony of heavy suits worn by the Easter parade crowd which left First Methodist church March 31, 1907. Despite the fact that…

Photo Of Early Automobile Race

Photograph of two automobiles racing in 1910.

Photos of Decatur Fountain Co. and L. H. Alvord

Photograph of the Decatur Fountain Co. taken in 1910. Located at the north end of Lowber St. in what was known as the Chamber of Commerce addition. Photo ran Nov. 27, 1910 in the Decatur newspaper. Photograph of L. H. Alvord, President of Decatur…