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Photo Of Early Automobile Race

Photograph of two automobiles racing in 1910.

Photos of Decatur Fountain Co. and L. H. Alvord

Photograph of the Decatur Fountain Co. taken in 1910. Located at the north end of Lowber St. in what was known as the Chamber of Commerce addition. Photo ran Nov. 27, 1910 in the Decatur newspaper. Photograph of L. H. Alvord, President of Decatur…

Photos of Decatur Bridge Company

Photograph BS67: Decatur Bridge Co. Office Building - New, photo taken 1/23/1911. Print from J. K. Stafford Collection of negatives taken in the late 1890's and early 1900's which were in possession of Mr. and Mrs. Jack French of Cerro Gordo in…

Photos of Townsend Bros. Carriage Shop

BD74-Townend Bros Carriage Shop_300 N Main_1910.jpg
Photograph of Townsend Bros. Carriage Shop, dated 1910. Located at 301-311 E. Main St. Photo ran in the Review 11/27/1910. Photograph of Townsend Bros. Carriage Shop, dated 1900, 140 E. Cerro Gordo St. Photo ran in the Rev. 11/27/1910.

Frank P. Smallwood

BIO367-SMALLWOOD_FRANK_P, 6-9-1910.jpg
Photograph of Frank P. Smallwood; (died 12/26/1932). He was a native of Decatur and a charter member and one of the organizers of En Ami Lodge, Knights of Pythias. His home was at 159 W. North St. Photo by VanDeventer of Decatur. Ran in the Decatur…

Samuel McRoberts Family Reunion - 1910

Photograph of the Samuel McRoberts Family Reunion, taken in 1910, ran in the Decatur Review, 8/25/1910. Standing left to right: Frank Kinhart, Mrs. E. J. Brewster, J. S. McRobers, J. W. Bradfield, John R. McRoberts, Mrs. Elmer Brewster. Sitting: Miss…

Dr. Silas E. McClelland

Photograph of Dr. Silas E. McClelland; b. 1/13/1860; d. 3/7/1953. Decatur eye, ear, nose and throat specialist for more than 50 years, retiring 1938. Trustee of Millikin estate; member board of directors Millikin National Bank; member board of…

Robert I. Hunt

BIO182-HUNT_ROBERT_I-2, 6-17-1910.jpg
Photograph of Robert I. Hunt (d. 1/9/1937). He moved to Decatur in 1892, and married Ann Packard, daughter of Silas Packard. He was prominent in state and local politics. He helped organize and build the Suffern-Hunt Mill and the Polar Ice and…

Peter Halmbacher

BIO161-HALMBACHER_PETER, 2-1-1910.jpg
Photograph of Peter Halmbacher (d. 2/1/1910). He was born in Germany, a veteran of the Prussian-Bavarian War in 1866, and came to Decatur in 1869. He was a pattern maker by trade. Halmbacher worked as a cabinet maker for Decatur Furniture Co., as…