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Photos from the Grigoleit Co.

Photographs of products made by the Grigoleit Co. located on the corner of Woodford and Garfield Ave., Decatur, IL.

Photo of Goodyear Store located at 411 E. William St., Decatur, IL.

BS1515-Goodyear building 1959-011.jpg
Photograph of the Goodyear Tire Store located at 411 E. William St., Decatur, IL.

Photo of Goodrich Silvertown Stores Building

BS1512-Goodrich Silvertone Service Station at  Wood and  Union streets 1940s-401.jpg
Photograph of the Goodrich Silvertown Store located at 317 W. Wood and Union Streets., Decatur, IL.

Photos of the Goldblatt's Store Interior and Statement.

BS1506-goldblatts e-scalator undated071.jpg
Photograph of customers using the escalator and Goldblatt's statement "Where Fashion and Quality Cost Less."

Miscellaneous Photos Gebhart Motor Supply.

Photographs of automotive parts, employees, and building, Decatur, IL.

Miscellaneous Photos Gebhart Motor Supply.

Photographs of fishing flies, employees checking inventory, and auto parts.

Miscellaneous Photos of Gebhart Motor Supply.

BS1478-Gebhart Motor Supply Company-Warehouse and office-Union and Cerro Gordo Streets-1930s-332.jpg
Miscellaneous photographs from Gebhart Motor Supply, located at 117 N. Water, 612 E. Eldorado and 232 E. North Streets.