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Silas T. Lowry

BIO233-LOWRY_SILAS_T, 12-16-1928.jpg
Photograph of Silas T. Lowry, (born /28/1863; died 5/17/1934.) Member of Decatur Fire Department 34 years, retiring 1931. Appointed fire chief 1928. Prior to service with fire department Silas worked as a printer for the Herald and Review. Son of…

Thomas Enlows

BIO134-ENLOWS_THOMAS, 8-31-1919.jpg
Photograph of Thomas Enlows, former captain of the Decatur Fire Department. He served on the fire department for 29 years (1890-1919). Afterwards, he was the fire marshall for the Staley Manufacturing Co. for 13 years. The photo was taken by…

Byrd L. Davis, Jr. Oral History

This is the oral history of Byrd L. Davis Jr. He was interviewed by Betty Turnell in June 1979. The interview covers his boyhood in Decatur, family history, family livery stable, Decatur Fire Department, and Decatur disasters.