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Photograph of James Doolen, Omar Harris, and Samuel Morthland

Photograph of James Doolen, Omar Harris and Samuel Morthland taken in 1917. Doolen was a former captain of the Fire Department. He served over 31 years on the force. He took up farming after retiring from the Fire Department. Harris was formerly with…

George W. Kraft

Photograph of George W. Kraft (d. 8/21/1851, d. 8/26/1931). He was a business man and hotel owner, who was originally from Baltimore, MD. He came to Decatur at 13 years old, and was enrolled in the 3rd Ward School. He spent his summers working for…

Thomas Enlows

BIO134-ENLOWS_THOMAS, 8-31-1919.jpg
Photograph of Thomas Enlows, former captain of the Decatur Fire Department. He served on the fire department for 29 years (1890-1919). Afterwards, he was the fire marshall for the Staley Manufacturing Co. for 13 years. The photo was taken by…