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Board of Directors - July 2012 - agenda and minutes

These are the particle agenda and minutes of the board of directors in July 2012. Items discussed were city librarian's report, parking lot, Celebration, ADM funding opportunity, PNG group, Hardy and Whinnery funding, personnel policy and public…

Finance and Properties committee meeting - Jul 2012 - minutes

These are the minutes of the July 2012 meeting of the finance and properties committee meeting. Items discussed were budget, check register, Baby Talk, Heartland Fresh 2u, bookmobiles, survey, RFQ, Project Read

Long Range Planning Committee - July 2012

These are the minutes of the long range planning committee in July 2012. Items discussed were Millikin Students, staff survey, management surveys, training sessions, R. Damptz and Local History ideas and plans and goals, RFQ contract, parking lot,…