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Photo of Review Staff Proposing a Toast to the President of the United States.
Photograph of Decatur Daily Review Staff proposing a toast "not only to Merrill Lindsay, but to Furman, to Adams, to Riggins, to Rudolf, to Schuerman, to Cole, to Hardy, to Karloski, to Randall, to Davis, to Dan Smith, to Harold Smith, to Fred…

Board of Directors - July 2012 - agenda and minutes

These are the particle agenda and minutes of the board of directors in July 2012. Items discussed were city librarian's report, parking lot, Celebration, ADM funding opportunity, PNG group, Hardy and Whinnery funding, personnel policy and public…

Board of Directors Meeting - July 2011 - minutes and agenda

These are the minutes and agenda for the July board of directors meeting in 2011. Items discussed were geocaching, city librarian's report, personnel policy and public relations, city librarian's evaluation, employment matters, close session, finance…

Photographs from the Transfer House Centennial Celebration
Photographs taken from the June 22, 1996 Transfer House Centennial Celebration in Central Park. Steve Craven directs a special section of the Decatur Municipal Band.

Photographs from Decatur Celebration in 1986
Various photographs from the 1986 Decatur Celebration showing people participating in the celebration. Celebration Parade, Uncle Sam on stilts. Photograph of celebration crowd.