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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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Long Range Planning Committee - June 2012 - minutes

These are the minutes of the Long Range Planning Committee in June 2012. Items discussed were the postponement of the survey committee report, needs assessment, DCEO report, RFP, energy performance assessment, Local History project, BWC contract,…

Long Range Planning Committee - July 2012

These are the minutes of the long range planning committee in July 2012. Items discussed were Millikin Students, staff survey, management surveys, training sessions, R. Damptz and Local History ideas and plans and goals, RFQ contract, parking lot,…

Long Range Plan Meeting - February 2012 - Local History Room

These are the long range plans for the Local History Room in February 2012. Items discussed and reviewed and included were yearbooks, storeroom, digitalization, city directories, dewey system, microfilm Trueblood collection, Illinois State Historical…

Staff Payroll - March 2012

This is the staff payroll for March 2012. Items included are salary and benefits for management and union, full time and part time, name, grade, IMRF/SS and insurance.

Pardon the Dust: Decatur Downtown Streetscape Enhancement Project - March 2012

This is a letter and small description of the Decatur downtown streetscape enhancement project in March 2012. Items stated were renovation ideas, goals, phases, and a map. Contact person Ashe Brown

Long Range Plans - 2011-2013 - Bookmobile

This is the beginning of the 2011-2012 Long Range Plans slide show. It states what are we, what do we want to be, goals of excellent customer service, excellent collection, easy access to library materials, appropriate funding, applicable…

Local History Archivist/Curator Librarian Job Description - 2012

This is the job description for the archivist for the Local History Room date 2102. Included are nature of work, examples of work, supervision received, supervision exercised, required knowledge abilities and skills, desired training and experiences.…

Library User Guidelines - 2012

These are the library user guidelines dated February 2012. These guide lines were taken from the Decatur Public Library Security Policy

Financial Statement - 2011-2013

This is the financial statement of 2011-2013 for the Decatur Public Library. It contains information on the library funds revenue and expenses including trust funds, library annex, operating cost, and personnel.

Collective Bargaining Agreement - May 2012 to April 2017

This is the collective bargaining agreement of the library union #268 with the city of Decatur and the Decatur Public Library. Dated May 2012 to Apri 2017