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Archaeological Survey Short Report
Discussion of Floyd Mansur's 2006 Fever River Research Project concerning the Thomas Lincoln Cabin in Macon County, Illinois.

Finance and Properties committee meeting - Jul 2012 - minutes

These are the minutes of the July 2012 meeting of the finance and properties committee meeting. Items discussed were budget, check register, Baby Talk, Heartland Fresh 2u, bookmobiles, survey, RFQ, Project Read

Wages and Benefits Memo - March 13, 1990

This is a memo from James Seidl to the Board of directors concerning wage and benefit changes and increases dated March 13, 1990. This memo discusses comments and concerns on pay increase, dependent insurance coverage, and survey results on the six…

Board of Directors Meeting - April 17, 1975

This is the minutes and agenda for the Board of Directors meeting on April 17, 1975. At this meeting, the Board discussed National Library week, the Doit 10 art exhibit, library survey, and the resignation of Kenneth Yamashita.

Survey of Public Libraries - Fiscal Year 1971

This is the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare Survey of Public Libraries and Nonconsolidated Public Library Systems Serving Areas with At Least 25,000 Inhabitants - Fiscal Year 1971.