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Long Range Planning Committee - July 2012

These are the minutes of the long range planning committee in July 2012. Items discussed were Millikin Students, staff survey, management surveys, training sessions, R. Damptz and Local History ideas and plans and goals, RFQ contract, parking lot,…

Tipton Letter - January 2012

This the Tipton Letter of January 2012. Items discussed were material, labor, contract terms, conditions, $18,609.00

Annual Report June 1995

This is the annual report to the city council, mayor, and Illinois State Library June 1995. Also included is the city librarian's report. These reports highlight graphs, narrative, statistics, liabilities, information, monies required, monies…

Special Board of Directors Budget Meeting - January 3, 1991

These are the minutes of a special board of directors meeting on January 3, 1991. At this meeting the committee discussed the budget, staffing, materials, expenditures, revenue, operational audit, and pay increases/cost of living.

Finance and Properties Committee Meeting - July 11, 1990

This is the minutes of the Finance and Properties Committee Meeting of July 11, 1990.
At this meeting the committee discussed AV material, bookmobiles, budget plans, budget shortage, budget cuts, increasing fines, decreasing security, decreasing…

1990-1991 Long Range Plans and Cost

These are the longs range goals and cost for the Decatur Public Library for 1990-1991. These goals and cost include ongoing goals and actions steps for volunteers, customer relations, annual report, adult programs, funding, employee handbook,…

Decatur Public Library Annual Budget 1990-1991

This is the 1990-1991 annual budget for the Decatur Public Library. This budget includes revenue, expenditures, contractual services, commodities, changes, capital outlay, materials, and trust funds. The estimated budget, revised budget, and changes…