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Finance and Properties Committee Meeting - June 1987 - minutes

These are the minutes of the Finance and Properties committee meeting in June 1987. Item discussed was a 4% increase in pay rate. It was approved and effective May 1987

Meeting Notice - Finance and Properties and Board of Directors - June 1987

This is a meeting notice for the finance and properties committee and also the board of directors. Items to be discussed are annual report preparation and selection policy.

Board of Directors Meeting June 1987

These are the agenda and minutes of the Board of Directors meeting on June 18, 1987. At this meeting the Board of Directors discussed committee reports pertaining to expenditures, prevailing wage rate, RPLS, Avenues of Excellence, annual report to…

Resolution of Appointment Decatur Public Library 1987

This is the resolution of appointment to hire Ellen Spycher as the new Local Literacy Coordinator for Decatur Public Library in June of 1987. This appointment will be supported by the New Adult Readers Library Literacy Grant.

Collection Maintenance Report Decatur Public Library 1987

This is a collection maintenance report of the Decatur Public Library to the Board of Directors in 1987. This report includes information on classed material print, unclosed material non-print, classed material audio-visual, additional cataloging…

Determination of Wage Rate report for Decatur Public Library 1987

This is the determination of the wage rate adopted by the Board of Trustees for the Decatur Public Library in 1987.