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Finance and Properties - November 2016 - agenda and minutes

These are the agenda and minutes of the finance and properties committee in November 2016. Items discussed and reviewed were check register, budget, RFID update, labor contract, AFSCME, bookmobile, DPS#61

Board of Directors meeting - January 2013 - minutes

These are the minutes of the board of directors meeting in January 2013. Items discussed and reviewed were city librarian's report, district 61 school system, bookmobile, close session, city librarian's evaluation, financial reports, local history…

Board of Directors Meeting - December 2011 -- agenda and minutes

These are the minus and agenda of the December 2011 meeting of the board of directors of the Decatur Public Library, Item discussed were city librarian's report, finance and properties report, bills, budget, bookmobile, close session, library annex,…

Why Librarians Matter - August 2009

This is an email received by Lee Ann Fisher from Ed Cook. Mr. Cook it thanking a bookmobile driver for changing his life in high school and instilling the desire to read to him.

Luker Letter and Response - March 2009

This is a letter from a Mr. Steven Luker concerning a number of topics. The topics are: magazine subscriptions, Paris Match, Der Spiegel, collection analysis, the Annex, Sunday hours, and the bookmobile. The response from Lee Ann Fisher is also…