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Material Selection Policy Meeting - May 1987

These are the minutes of the material selection policy meeting of May 1987. Items discussed were selection policy, library bill of rights, acquisitions, organization, circulation, promotion, library mission, patrons' needs, clientele, format, books,…

Selection Policy - Comments - Children's Department - April 1987

These are comments about the selection policy in the children's department of the Decatur Public Library. Items discussed were positive reviews requirements, collection development, quality vs. demand, lower age for patrons, areas of limitations…

Meeting Notice - Finance and Properties and Board of Directors - June 1987

This is a meeting notice for the finance and properties committee and also the board of directors. Items to be discussed are annual report preparation and selection policy.

Board of Directors Meeting - March 21, 1987

These are the minutes and agenda from the Decatur Library Board of Trustees on March 21, 1987. At this meeting the board and city librarian discussed the library's book selection policy, it's positive point, it's negative point, and the possible need…