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Finance and Properties Meeting October 1994

These are the minutes of the Finance and Properties committee meeting in October 1994. At this meeting the committee discussed budget FY 1995-1996, LIB 100+, RPLS, GEAC, Breckenridge Fund, capital funds, and a contractual reference service with RPLS.

Minutes of the board of directors meeting in October 1994

These are the minutes of the October 1994 meeting of the board of directors. The members discussed city librarian's report, finance and properties, bills, RPLS, Foundation, long range plans, avenues of excellence, cassettes, Sunday hours, network,…

Information for Upgrade to GEAC LIBS 100+
October 1994

This is the information for the upgrade to GEAC LIBS 100+ October 1994. In this report the following are explained: quote, total cost, maintenance cost, hardware, GEAC maintenance cost, equipment, software, training, installation, shipping, payment,…

City Librarian's Monthly Report - November 1994

This is the November monthly report by the city librarian, John Moorman. In this report he discusses LIB 100+, GEAC, donations, computer terminals, bookmobile, cassettes, personnel shortages, tours, signage, volunteers, budget, circ stats, Macon…