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Finance and Properties Committee Meeting - February 2020 - agenda, minutes, and packet

These are the agenda, minutes, and packet of the Finance and Properties committee meeting in February 2020. Items discussed were capital needs, space needs, check register, budget report, lighting, signage, and green space

Personnel Policy and Public Relations meeting - June 2014 - minutes

These are the minutes of the Personnel Policy and Public Relations committee meeting of June 2014. Items discussed were trustee by-laws, annual meeting, election of officers, signage, exempt vs non-exempt job descriptions

Long Range Planning Committee Meeting and Minutes - October 1994

These are the minutes of the Long Range Planning Committee meeting in October 1994. At this meeting the committee discussed exterior building goals, bookmobile, parking, roof, signage, stairway gallery, and a citizen's survey.

City Librarian's Monthly Report - November 1994

This is the November monthly report by the city librarian, John Moorman. In this report he discusses LIB 100+, GEAC, donations, computer terminals, bookmobile, cassettes, personnel shortages, tours, signage, volunteers, budget, circ stats, Macon…

Monthly meeting of the Board of Directors October 1986.

This is the agenda and minutes of the Board of Directors meeting of October 1986. At this meeting the Board discussed committee reports and presentation pertaining to new secretary Linda Humphreys, circ stats, book sale, U of I, OCLC, grants funding…