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Alma Shields and Mabel Grubbs at the Review

Photograph of Alma Shields and Mabel Grubbs at the Decatur Daily Review.

Two Women on the Porch

Photograph of two women on the porch. One is Mabel Grubbs. The other is unknown

Bill Coonradt

Photograph of Bill Coonradt working at the Decatur Daily Review

Eating Watermelon

Photograph of the Hinton children eating watermelon outside. The description on the back of the photograph says "Eating watermelon. The boy is my cousin."

The Lonesomes While Dad and Mother Were in Texas

Photograph of Lola, Lelia, Jude, and a cousin while their parents are in Texas. Description on the back says "The Lonesomes while Dad and Mother were in Texas".

Detroit 1916

Photograph of the shoreline of Detroit in 1916

Woman with a Card Catalog

Photograph of a woman standing in front of a card catalog in an office.

Powers Office Building/Opera House Fire 4/7/1914

Photograph of the Powers Office Building or Opera House fire on 4/7/1914 in Downtown Decatur.

Family Photo on the Front Porch

Photograph of an unknown family sitting on the front porch.