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Photos of Office Workers, Decatur Daily Review, Decatur, IL.
Photograph of Decatur Daily Review Office Ladies. Photographs of men working in offices.

Photos of the Entrances off Main and North Streets. Photos Machine and Repair Shop and Elevator.
Photos of the Review Building Entrances on Main St. and North St. 1895. Photo of Review Machine and Repair Shop 1913. This was located on the basement balcony of the Annex. Pictured are "Billy" Peyer and Martin Lindsey. Photo of the Elevator.

Photos of Newspaper Carriers in 1913, 1915, 1918, and 1922.
Photographs of Review Carriers--1918; Front row, left to right: Arnold Moore, Arthur Moffett, Herman Knifka, and Ernest Knifka. Top Row: Glen Moran, Fred Corcoran, Edward Ade, Bert Flaugher, and Francis Heisler. Photo ran Review April 23, 1918. Photo…

Photo of Review Staff Proposing a Toast to the President of the United States.
Photograph of Decatur Daily Review Staff proposing a toast "not only to Merrill Lindsay, but to Furman, to Adams, to Riggins, to Rudolf, to Schuerman, to Cole, to Hardy, to Karloski, to Randall, to Davis, to Dan Smith, to Harold Smith, to Fred…

Photo of Printing and Stationery Co. Business Office Staff, Decatur Daily Review.
Photograph of the Review Printing and stationery Co. --Business Office--Staff. Seated in front, left to right are Ceora Blalock and Estella Hamman. In the rear, from left to right, is Orlando Overstake, Chas. O. Ebel, Dolph C. Carter, and D. Earl…