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Photograph of the 1500 Block of E. Locust

HO17-1500_BLK_E_LOCUST, SAMUEL_POWERS_HSE, 3-15-1914.jpg
Photograph of the house at the 1500 block of E. Locust St. This house was built around 1844 by Samuel Powers. It was torn down in 1914 as it extended into an alley when the powers addition was placed about 1914.

Photograph of the 200 Block at William St. and N. Church St.

Photograph of the houses at the 200 block at William St. and N. Church St. on the Southwest corner. Dr. S.T. Trowbridge bought it from William Traver some time before the Civil War. It then stood on N. Water St. between William and North. Dr.…

Photographs from the Powers Office Building Fire

Photographs from the April 7, 1914 fire that destroyed the Powers building properties at Water and Main streets. The properties destroyed and affected included the Powers estate, Linn & Scruggs store, the Leavenworth Store, the Powers Theater,…

Photographs from the Decatur Trunk Factory Fire

FR113-DECATUR TRUNK FACTORY-1, 6-18-1914.jpg
Photographs from the June 18, 1914 fire that occured at the Decatur Trunk Factory and the 'Come Across' pool room on N Water St. The fire was started by a loud explosion that originated in the pool room and was heard and felt throughout the business…

Photo of the Leavenworth Wholesale Grocer Company

Photograph of the Leavenworth Wholesale Grocer Company with two men standing across the street. "Leavenworth Wholesale Grocery Co., it was at 160 S. Water St. at the time this photo was taken in 1912. In 1914 it moved to the corner of North and N.…

Photo of the Dan Higgins Theater

Photograph of the Higgins Theater, 1234 E. Eldorado St., Decatur, IL.

Photo of Conrad Striewing, proprietor of the Crystal Theater.

BS379-Conrad Striewing_Owner_1914.jpg
Photograph of Conrad Striewing; (died 5/30/1914). Proprietor of the Crystal Theater on Water Street. For many years he was a traveling salesman but later he purchased the theater. It was called the Nasawan but he changed the name to the Crystal. It…

Photos of Baird Corn Husker

Photograph of Farm Equipment--Baird Corn Husker--1914. Invented about 1913 by William S. Baird and manufactured in Decatur at the Baird Harvester Co. Photo shows side view of corn husker. Ran Review 10/4/1914. Photograph shows the front view of the…