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Photo of Pete Borgogne, laying in hospital bed.

BS83-Pete_Borgogne_Miner_ Shot_1932.jpg
Photograph of Pete Borgogne; 872 S. Franklin St., was short in the arm from behind as he was driven off, with other miners, before deputized National Guardsmen. On Nov. 4, 1932, when Sheriff E. C. Wilson set out to break up the picket line at the…

Photo of Lieut. Alex Van Praag in uniform

AF736-WWII_VAN PRAAG, ALEX, 6-20-1943.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Van Praag, Lt. Alex; Article on back of photo; "Lieut. Alex Van Praag, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sol Van Praag, 1401 East Clay street, was in Decatur on leave until Jan. 17, when he will return to his station at Fort Belvoir, Va.…

Photo of Charles F. Spiker in uniform

AF668-WWII_SPIKER, CHARLES F, 8-1-1941.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Spiker, Charles F.; Article on back of photo; "Charles F. Spiker, private first class, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Spiker of 345 North Twentieth street, returned recently to his National Guard company stationed at Camp…

Photo of Sgt. John Shaw in uniform, arm on stair railing, building in background

AF635-WWII_SHAW, JOHN, 7-13-1940.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Shaw, John; Article on back of photo; "John Shaw, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lauren Shaw, 155 Glencoe avenue, is Macon's county's only representative at the Citizens Military Training camp at Jefferson Barracks, near St. Louis.…

Photo of Corp. W. E. Hanks in uniform

AF313-WWII_HANKS, WILLIAM EARL, 7-10-1942.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Hanks, Corp. W. E. Article on back of photo; "Corp. W. E. Hanks, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Hanks, rural route 3, is home on a 10-day furlough. He entered the army with the Decatur national guard unit in March, 1941, and has…