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Uniform Commercial Code

This is the uniform commercial code financing statement form for equipment for the new system. It includes 2 keyboard/display stations, 1 lightpen station, and 1 composite station.

Purchase Order for System Lease Agreement - June 15, 1977

This is the purchase order for the System Lease Agreement between CL Systems Inc and the Board of Directors. It describes the length of the lease and the equipment involved.

Data Services Memorandum - 1977

This memorandum from the Director of Data Services at the City of Decatur shows the costs for a library circulation system provided by the City Data Services Department.

ILDA Letter - March 17, 1977

This is a letter from Carol Batterham, Secretary of the Board, to Jean Downs about supporting ILDA legislation.

Staff Letter to the Board - December 7, 1977

This is a letter from the library staff to the Board of Directors about their rights as employees of the City Library.