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Board of Directors Meeting - October 2011 - agenda and minutes

These are the minutes and agenda from the board of directors meeting in October 2011. Items discussed were city librarian's report, personnel policy and public relations, close session, employment matters, finance and properties, bills, budget,…

Finance and Properties Committee Meeting - October 2011

This is the agenda and minutes for the Finance and Properties meeting of October 2011. Items discussed were budget, check register, and streets cape designs.

Long Range Planning Committee Meeting Minutes - October 2011

These are the minutes of the long range planning committee in October 2011. Items discussed were boot camp in Tenn., IHLS new computers, patron survey emailed, demonstration survey to committee, funding for survey, plan to city for budget.

Local History Room Expansion Email - October 2011

This is an email/letter from Mark Sorenson to Lee Ann Fisher concerning the expansion of the Local History Room, October 2011. Mr. Sorenson's idea consist of a collection policy, future plans, full time employee/librarian, separate area of library,…