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Local History Room Expansion Email - October 2011

This is an email/letter from Mark Sorenson to Lee Ann Fisher concerning the expansion of the Local History Room, October 2011. Mr. Sorenson's idea consist of a collection policy, future plans, full time employee/librarian, separate area of library,…

James A. Kupich email and letter regarding settlement, February 2011

This is a copy of the letter and email concerning Mr. James Kupish and his settlement from the City of Decatur. Included is information regarding Donna Rollins, IMRF, settlement request and plan, James Baker - lawyer, city of Decatur, and the release…

Fire Alarm Service and Diagnoses Email January 2011. Proposal for cost and labor.

This is the email proposal from Dale Johnson of the cost and labor for the fire alarm service and diagnoses from D. M. Mattson, INC. January 2011.

Why Librarians Matter - August 2009

This is an email received by Lee Ann Fisher from Ed Cook. Mr. Cook it thanking a bookmobile driver for changing his life in high school and instilling the desire to read to him.