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Long Range Planning Outline - March 2011

This is the outline of the long range planning committee created in March 2011. Topics include general information, building and grounds, programming, technology, collection development, departmental development, staff development, community…

Long Range Planning Committee Meeting Minutes - October 2011

These are the minutes of the long range planning committee in October 2011. Items discussed were boot camp in Tenn., IHLS new computers, patron survey emailed, demonstration survey to committee, funding for survey, plan to city for budget.

1990-1991 Long Range Plans and Cost

These are the longs range goals and cost for the Decatur Public Library for 1990-1991. These goals and cost include ongoing goals and actions steps for volunteers, customer relations, annual report, adult programs, funding, employee handbook,…

City Librarian's Goals November 1, 1989 to October 30, 1990.

These goals of the city library form 1989-1990 include development, implementation, and promotion of new employee orientation, volunteer guidelines, staff camaraderie, library foundation, business center, funding, database conversion, and quarterly…