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Photograph of 417 W. Prairie Ave.

Photograph of 417 W. Prairie Ave. This house was built by Oliver Z. Greene in 1882. It was willed to his daughter, Mrs. K.H. Roby, Jr., after his death. It was bought by the First Baptist Church in 1923 and was included in the structure of the new…

Photograph of 462 W. Macon St.

HO119-462_W_MACON, C1927.jpg
Photograph of the house at 462 W. Macon St. This house was built about 1896 by K.H. Roby, Sr. He traded it to C.W. Sigler in 1916. B.F. Coffman bought it from the Peter B. McCluskey estate in 1927 and remodeled it into apartments known as the…