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Finance and Properties Committee Meeting - August 1982

These are the minutes of the finance and properties committee meeting in August 1982. Items discussed were the Canoni bequest and the option to sell securities and distribute estate in cash.

Photographs of 502 W. Prairie Ave.

HO147-502_W_PRAIRIE_ST, 7-20-1948.jpg
Photographs of 502 W. Prairie Ave. This was the home of Robert I. Hunt for over 50 years. It was bought by Leota Finley in 1948 from the heirs of the Hunt estate.

Photograph of 358 N. Main St.

HO56-358_N_MAIN_ST, HOTEL_MAIN, GEO_W_MUELLER_HSE, 12-24-1935.jpg
Photograph of 358 N. Main St. This house was one of the last downtown Decatur residences to go in making room for business houses. The house was torn down in 1921. George W. Moeller had bought the house from the Isabelle Stafford estate and on the…

Photograph of 462 W. Macon St.

HO119-462_W_MACON, C1927.jpg
Photograph of the house at 462 W. Macon St. This house was built about 1896 by K.H. Roby, Sr. He traded it to C.W. Sigler in 1916. B.F. Coffman bought it from the Peter B. McCluskey estate in 1927 and remodeled it into apartments known as the…