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Photos of Office Employees Decatur Daily Review

Photograph BS187: Review - Circulation Staff. Front Row: Left to Right: Jack Mintun, Bill Coonradt, John Beckett, and Mr. Lemmons. Second Row: L-R: Orville Lemmon, Milton Bergen, Fay Minnick, Clarence "Si" Radford. Top Row: L-R: John Huber and…

Russell, Mabel, and Ruth

Photograph of Russell Rainey, Mabel Grubbs, and Ruth Six standing in front of the Cole Studebaker advertisement board in 1918.

Russell and Mabel

Photograph of Russell Rainey and Mabel Grubbs in a field in 1918 somewhere near Decatur, IL.

Russell Rainey and Ruth Six

Photograph of Russell Rainey and Ruth Six in a field in 1918.