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Photos of the W. H. Grindol & Sons Monument Co.

Photograph of W. H. Grindol and Sons. Left to right, Walter E. Grindol, W. H. Grindol,, and John F. Grindol. Walter E. Grindol (died 2/11/1930.) He was associated with his father and brother W. H. Grindol & Sons monument business. He specialized in…

Photos from the Daily Review

Photo BS324: Composing Room --1913. The composing room was on the second floor of the annex. Those identified in photo are, left to right, W. H. Kinkade, Charles Vest, Lawrence Hale, Earl Horine, George Eaton, and Henry Hoedinghaus. In the…

Photos from the Herald and Review

Photo BS318: Review Composing Room-1895. Photo ran in the Review Building Edition December 1895. The composing room was on the fourth floor. Photo BS319: Composing Room Foreman's Office. This was located on the fourth floor at the left of the…

Photos of Office Employees Decatur Daily Review

Photograph BS187: Review - Circulation Staff. Front Row: Left to Right: Jack Mintun, Bill Coonradt, John Beckett, and Mr. Lemmons. Second Row: L-R: Orville Lemmon, Milton Bergen, Fay Minnick, Clarence "Si" Radford. Top Row: L-R: John Huber and…

Photo of C. E. Ward Co.

BS375-Ward_CE_700 E_ Cerro Cordo_1913.jpg
Photograph of the C. E. Ward Co. building located at 700 E. Cerro Gordo St. Photo ran in the Review 12/7/1913.

Photo of Bijou Theatre

Photograph of the Nickel Bijou Theatre located at 339 N. Water Street, Decatur, IL. Photo taken 1913. Next door to the theatre is Jeffries-Johnson Fight Pictures.

Photo of Benson Creamery Co.

BS58-BENSON_CREAMERY, 12-7-1913_002.jpg
Photograph of the Benson Creamery Co. located at 244 N. Church Street, Decatur, IL. Building was erected in 1913 as the home of the Benson Creamery Co. They remained there until 1948 when they moved to 250 W. Cerro Gordo Street. Photo by Rembrandt;…

J. Edward Wamsley

BIO446-WAMSLEY_J_EDWARD, 8-3-1913.jpg
Photograph of J. Edward Wamsley; "Former Decatur photographer who was acquitted of the murder of his father-in-law in 1913. In 1915 he had a studio in Mattoon. Photo ran in the Decatur Herald Aug 3, 1913."

William A. Wallender

BIO438-WALLENDER_WILLIAM_A-1, 7-4-1913.jpg
Photograph of William A. Wallender; (died 4/10/1937). President of the Wallender-Pennington printing company. He became associated with the printing business with the firm of Wallender, Wilder, and Mattes. In 1920 he became manager of the retail…