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Statistical Reports for 1990

These are the Statistical Reports for 1990. They include circulation, tech services, financial reports, and staff strengths. Details include information on books, AV materials, circulation, new books, new titles, books withdrawn, books mended, gifts,…

Annual and Monthly Statistical Reports of the Decatur Public Library 1989.

These are the annual and monthly statistical reports of the Decatur Public Library as presented to the Board of Directors. These reports list circulation statistics for books, av, and others materials, books added, withdrawn and mended, gifts.…

Monthly City Librarian Report to the Board of Trustees 1989

These are the monthly city librarians reports to the Decatur Public Library Board of Trustees. In these report Mr. Seidl discusses information about and changes to circulation statistics, budget, collection development, personnel, public relations,…

Circulation Graphs - 1971-1973

This is a selection of graphs showing the circulation of materials in the new building for the fiscal years of 1971/1972 and 1972/1973.

Statistical Report Decatur Public Library Decatur, IL December 1988

This is the statistical report for the Decatur Public Library presented to the Decatur Board of Directors in December 1988. This reports covers circulation statistics, technical services, financial report, staff strengths, books and AV added,…

Statistical Report Board of Directors 1987

Statistical Report for the Decatur Public Library for 1987, This report includes information
on circulation, technical servies, financial report, staff strengths, vacancies, computer down time, and patron registration.

City Librarian's Monthly Report 1987

These are the monthly reports of the City Librarian, James Seidl, for 1987. These report include information on circulation, technical processing, materials in state of processing, financial report, staff strengths, vacancies, computer down time and…

Statistical Report December 1986

This is the statistical report dates December 1986 for the Decatur Public Library. This report deals with circulation, cataloging, acquisitions, technical processing, financial report and staff strengths