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Photograph of Decatur's Charles Dressen

Photograph of Charles Dressen, who was recruited from Decatur and went on to play major league baseball for the Cincinnati Reds in 1919. This photograph was taken On September 24th, 1934.

Photograph of Commissioner of Baseball Kenesaw Landis at Fans Field

Photograph of Kenesaw Landis with a group of men at Fans Field in Decatur IL. Landis was the first appointed Commissioner of Baseball in 1920 and served until his death in 1944.

Photograph of a Baseball Meeting

Photograph taken on August 23rd of 1944 of a group of men at a baseball meeting.

Photograph of Edward Platt and Lawrence L. Gibbons

FD94-PLATT, EDWARD-3, 9-8-1932.jpg
Photograph of Fire Chief Edward Platt and head of detectives Lawrence L. Gibbons as Chief Platt claims the trophy as a token of his department having won the annual firemen-policemen baseball game.

Eugene Earl Thompson, Jr.

Photograph of Eugene Earl Thompson, Jr. pitching a baseball. "Eugene Earl Thompson, Jr. Cincinatti Reds' pitcher, bats and throws right-handed; height 6'1", weight 185; born June 7, 1917 at Latham, IL., now resides at Decatur, IL. Played with…

Walter "Boom Boom" Beck

BIO500-Beck Walter Boom Boom238.jpg
Photograph of Walter "Boom Boom" Beck in his Phillies uniform.

Walter Beck

BIO51-BECK_WALTER, (BOOM-BOOM), C 1920046.jpg
Photograph of Walter Beck in a baseball stadium.