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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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Photographs of the Decatur Gun Club

RC95-Gun Club_1915_No Names_199.jpg
Various photographs of the Decatur gun club taken around 1915.

Photo of Houses on the 700 Block of E. Wood Street, house was known as Cassell's Castle

Photograph of House on 700 Block of E. Wood Street. This house, known as "Cassell's Castle" was built by Berry H. Cassell in 1887. It was at the corner of Webster and Wood Streets. It was destroyed by fire in 1916. In 1925 the Illinois Power & Light…

Photographs from the Decatur Hotel and Arcade Building Fire

FR18-DECATUR HOTEL & ARCADE-1, 4-21-1915.jpg
Photographs from the April 21, 1915 fire at the Decatur Hotel and Arcade building in downtown Decatur. The fire was discovered by an engineer in the boiler room of the basement of the hotels, but no explanation of how the fire had originated was…

Photograph of Will. F. Ferris

FD89-FERRIS, WILL F, 1904.jpg
Photograph of Will F. Ferris; died November 28, 1915. A member of the Decatur Fire Department. He was engineer for Engine Co. No. 2 in 1904.

Photos of Hue Singleton Restaurant

Photograph of the interior of Hue Singleton's Restaurant, dining room and restaurant help. Photograph of the exterior of Hue Singleton Restaurant, located on the northwest corner of Lincoln Square, taken by George Baker of Decatur, 1912. Photograph…

Photo of the St. Nicholas Hotel

Photograph of stacks of luggage at the St. Nicholas Hotel. Photograph of the St. Nicholas Hotel beds. Photograph of St. Nicholas Hotel Chefs craving turkeys. Photograph of the St. Nicholas Hotel from across the street. Postcard of the St. Nicholas…

Scott McNulta

Photograph of Scott McNulta, (died Nov. 2, 1945.) He attended the U. of I. and while a student there was very active in dramatics. He was a member of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity and Phi Beta Kappa. He entered the army in 1917 and served as a first…

Michael Fahay

BIO137-FAHAY_MICHAEL, 8-1-1915.jpg
Photograph of Michael Fahay (d. 3/3/1941). Fahay established a hardware store and tin shop at 1102 E. Eldorado in 1894. He sold the shop to Richard E. Harner in 1937. Fahay was prominent in politics and served as alderman from the fifth ward from…

Dewein, Victor C.

BIO115-DEWEIN_VICTOR_C, 12-2-1915102.jpg
Photograph of Victor C. Dewein (d. 3/8/1926). He was a prominent grain dealer in Illinois, and the past president of the Illinois Grain Dealers Association. He owned grain elevators at Forsyth and Emery. Dewein was also connected to the…