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Miscellaneous Photographs Old Street Scenes.
Photograph of horse drinking from trough. Photo of new homes on New Street taken by George Baker. Photo of men working on street repair.

Photograph of Houses on New Street
Photograph of Five Houses on New Street. Decatur, IL.

Repairing Brick Streets
Man repairing brick streets by hand, with horse and wagon. Auto clubs road cleaning force.

Photos of Home on West Prairie Street, Decatur, IL.
Photograph of home at 215 West Prairie Street. Erected by A. T. Hill and torn down in 1925, taken March 1912. Photograph of home at 230 West Prairie Street. John R. Bradshaw home, known as the Bradshaw apartments. It was sold by H. Vincent Allen ,…

Photos of East Wood Street, Decatur, IL.
Photograph East Wood Street, photo ran Review 8/13/1911. Photograph of man and team of horses working on East Wood Street, ran Review 8/13/1911. Photograph 100 Block East Wood at South Main St. the buildings between Main and Water on the south side…