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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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William Besalke and a Man Washing His Feet

Photograph of William Besalke standing by a man who is washing his feet in the yard.

Carl Smolinski and Men

Photograph of Carl Smolinski, his daughter, his father, Carl Besalke, Julian Strocher, and William Besalke standing in the yard in front of a house.

Mr. and Mrs. William Besalke - Colorized Photo

Photograph of William and Augusta Besalke standing in front of their house at 1611 E. Locust St., Decatur, IL .

William Besalke

Photograph of William Besalke standing in front of a house.

William and Fred

Photograph of William Besalke and Fred Benell, who are brothers.

William Besalke Retires from the Wabash Locomotive Shops

Photograph of William Besalke taken on June 14, 1945 when he retired from Wabash locomotive shop after working there for more than 46 years as a blacksmith welder.

"Papa" Besalke and the Men

Photograph of William Besalke, William Derr, Otto Smith, Wilifred Smith, Carl Molin, Eddie Ernst, William Johnke, and Martin Michalboeck standing in a field in June 1939.