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Photograph of 626 W. Prairie Ave.

Photograph of 626 W. Prairie Ave. taken on April 4, 1945.

Photographs of the Orlando Powers House

Photographs of the Orlando Powers House at the corner of W. Decatur and Union Streets taken October 20, 1945.

Photo of Hershey-Houdaille Garfield Plant Aerial View

Photograph --Aerial View of the Hershey-Houdaille Garfield Plant, part of the Manhattan Project, 8/24/1945.

Mrs. Albert H. Cope

BIO92-COPE_MRS_ALBERT_H, 9-19-1945082.jpg
Photograph of Mrs. Albert H. Cope (b. 11/24/1860, d. 9/17/1952). She had married George H. Theobald (d. 1/31/1925), and Albert H. Cope in 1927. Albert was a brick contractor who served several terms as the city building inspector. He was also a…

William Besalke Retires from the Wabash Locomotive Shops

Photograph of William Besalke taken on June 14, 1945 when he retired from Wabash locomotive shop after working there for more than 46 years as a blacksmith welder.

Happy Easter 1945

Photograph of a baby named Robert Gerald with his mother. The back of the photo says: "Happy Easter 1945. Robert Gerald 4 months old, 19 pounds, 1 tooth"

1945 Decatur High School Decanois

This is the 1945 Decatur High School Decanois