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Discharge certificate US Army John F. Hibbs September 23, 1931 and copy

This is the discharge certificate issued to John f. Hibbs from the US Army on September 21, 1931 and signed by the Adjutant General and its copy.

Decatur Public Library Certificate of Prevailing Wage Rate - May 2009

This is a certificate issued by the secretary of the Decatur Public Library Board of Trustees certifying the Ordinance determining Prevailing Wage Rate duly adopted by the Board of Directors in May 2009

Letter to John Moorman 1995

This is a thank you note and certificate from the Department of the Treasury for John Moorman. This letter thanks him for supporting VITA, volunteer income tax association, in the Decatur Pubic Library by offering tax services to our patrons.

Wage Rate Resolution - June 1990

This is the wage rate resolution for the Decatur Pubic Library including Department of Labor wage rates chart, wage rates notice, wage rates certificate, and wage rate resolution.