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Appointment Resolution - September 1976

This is the appointment resolution for Harriet Perry, Carlotta Cowan, and Norman Stewart as members of the Board, Elizabeth Redshaw as a member of the Historical and Architectural Sites Commission, and Clyde Copeland as a member of the Civil Service…

Wage Rate Resolution - June 1990

This is the wage rate resolution for the Decatur Pubic Library including Department of Labor wage rates chart, wage rates notice, wage rates certificate, and wage rate resolution.

Resolution Eve Shade and Circulation Policy -August 1990

This is a combination entry of a thank you resolution to Eve Shade as her term of trustees comes to an end and the present and proposed circulation policy of the Decatur Public Library regarding fines and charges.

Resolution - November 20, 1975

This is the resolution marking the public celebration of the centennial anniversary of the Library by the Friends of the Library.