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Various Class Photographs from Lincoln School

Various class photographs of children taken at Lincoln School on February 24, 1931.

Photograph of the E.A. Gastman School Fountain

Photograph of the E.A. Gastman school fountain given to the school by E.A. Gastman in memory of his wife Caroline Sargeant Gastman. Mr. Gastman bought the fountain at the St. Louis World's fair from an Italian sculptor, paying $700 for the piece. The…

Various Class Photographs from Gastman School

Various class photographs of children at Gastman school taken on March 3rd, 1931.

Various Class Photographs from Garfield School

Various class photographs from Garfield school taken on February 26, 1931.

Various Class Photographs from Durfee School

SC38-Class Picture_1931333.jpg
Various class photographs from Durfee School taken on February 25th, 1931.

Various Class Photographs from Dennis School

SC25-Class Picture_1931358.jpg
Various class photographs from Dennis School taken on February 7th, 1931.

Photographs of Old Volunteer Firefighters Reunion

FD105-VARIOUS, OLD VOLUNTEERS, 7-29-1928.jpg
Various photographs from the Old Volunteer Firefighters Reunions, from 1928, 1931, and 1932. These firemen were of the hose cart and ladder wagon days before modern firefighting equipment was available.

Photo of Lewis W. Stuckey

Photograph of Lewis W. Stuckey, retired furniture dealer. He retired from the furniture business in 1946. He had been in the furniture business in Decatur for 41 years. He was a partner of the Weilepp & Stuckey furniture firm which opened a store in…